Plans tonight? Watch a film shot in Astoria!

We recently told you guys about Katch’s FIRST EVER film screening event, and its inaugural showing is tonight! One of the films being shown tonight is Short Steps, and we learned a little bit about it from Producer and Editor Richard E. Calvache.

Short Steps is a ten minute long film, and it’s shot in both color and black and white. It’s high emotion, and extremely artsy. Richard tells us, “The best way to describe it is that it’s about a guy getting over a past relationship, and taking steps to move on fromit. But there’s a twist. It’s a romantic thriller.”

Now, romantic thriller isn’t a genre you hear of  every day…so this seems like it could be pretty interesting. Plus – it’s mostly a silent film. There’s probably about ten words of dialogue in the entire thing. It should be really cool to see how the story is told, and how it plays out.

The film is truly a passion project for the team. Richard met the writer and director, Laura Aguinaga, by chance years ago, and the two had been waiting for the perfect project to embark on. When the idea for Short Steps came into being, they knew it was the perfect time.

From there, things simply fell into place. While searching for somewhere to shoot, Richard was helping his friend Amarilis Lugo move into a new apartment… and it turned out to be the perfect location they had envisioned. “There were just so many happy coincidences behind the film, it all just worked perfectly,” Richard told us.

When the original lead actress dropped out, Rachel Cora stepped in, and from there the entire direction of the film evolved and changed. Juan-Pablo Veza, who has acted in shows such as Devious Maids, Blue Bloods, Law and Order SVU, and most recently in CW’s The Originals, plays the lead actor, and the duo completely bring the film to life.

The film premiered May 28th at the SoHo Film Festival, and was met with amazing reception – and was featured in the 2nd Theater – which is the main theater, and one of the oldest in New York City. You can check out the trailer, with an intro, below:

We look forward to watching Short Steps, and all the other featured films, tonight!

You can learn more about Short Steps by following the film’s Facebook page.