If you’ve ever wanted to see someone shove hot dogs in their face, this is your chance.

APPARENTLY TOMORROW IS NATIONAL HOT DOG DAY!? What could possibly be more authentically American than having a national day devoted to hot dogs… a hot dog eating contest? Okay, a lot of things, but that’s definitely up there.

To celebrate the day, New York Dog House (which is also a great name for a puppy boarding school, don’t you think?) is hosting their FIRST EVER hot dog eating contest.

So, here’s the plan. Seven contestants get seven of the Dog Houses’ signature ‘dogs, and have just ten minutes to eat them all. Okay, so you’re thinking, “big deal, hot dogs aren’t that big,” BUT THIS IS WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE:


Honestly, we would enter just to have a valid excuse to eat all of those ourselves. But that’s besides the point. From front to back, contestants are faced with:  the Relish, Far East, Classic NY’er, The Beaner, California, Slaw, and The Cowboy Signature Dogs. 

The winners get any signature dog a week for a year, special goodies, and BRAGGING RIGHTS. Because next time someone pisses you off, you can just say you’ve eaten a NY’er before, and you’re not afraid to do it again.

New York Dog House
37-06 30th Ave

AstoriaNY 11103