Calling all artists: Waltz-Astoria is back!!

We normally reserve two exclamation points for extra exciting news, and this qualifies. After closing a few months ago, Waltz-Astoria was set to move into a new home – but unfortunately plans fell through. Since then, Pedro and Song, the artistic minds behind Waltz, have been holding pop-up mics all over Astoria, including Astor Bake Shop and Rocky McBride’s.

But we’ve got good news! Waltz-Astoria has found a new home, and it’s in a great location: Tantra Lounge. Now, if you’re already familiar with Tantra Lounge and love them, don’t worry! They won’t be closing – instead, Waltz will be taking over events from Sunday to Wednesday – so there’s four days of Waltz-y goodness.

Pedro tells us, “It’s going to be great. It’s still the same Waltz as before, still one of the best shows in Astoria, but with a bigger and better venue. There’s no sound restrictions, and we have a chance to make all our shows better than ever.”

The venue is huge, and has a capacity of 150 – much larger than the former Waltz-Astoria home. While we will miss the intimate feel of the old location, there’s no doubt that a bigger venue was needed – events and open mics would often be packed to the brim. We’re really glad to see a larger venue, and there’s no doubt Tantra Lounge will be filled with Waltzers, both old and new. There will also now be a full bar – so happy hour, and mixer events will be coming soon as well!

A Pop Up Open Mic Crowd at Sunset Lounge

If you’re an artist in Astoria and you haven’t checked out Waltz, you are totally missing out. Waltz has been the home of some amazing artists, such as Billy Conahan, an awesome rapper and former Give Me Astoria Human of the Week,  Jonesy, a local comedian, and many different singers, dancers, actors, comedians and more.

At Tantra, Waltz will continue to hold their famous open mic nights, as well as social events, dancing, live music and more. There’s event talk of some dirty dancing shows! You’ll also be able to hold your own events here.


Now, if you find yourself wanting to visit Waltz, we definitely recommend getting a membership. It’s a newly implemented facet, and we are so glad that it’s been created! Membership is $30 for 6 months, and you get:

  • Invitation to perform and/or attend members only showcases.
  • Receive significant discount to covered events, sometimes free.
  • Enter for cash prize drawings at shows.
  • Entitled to certain members only drink discount/special when specified.

Membership fees are alsoused to cover the cost of putting on regular events. That includes space rental, equipment, insurance, labor, music licenses and other necessary overhead. Waltz is an active member and supporter of ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. 

We’re super excited for events to start, and you can bet we’ll be stopping by even more often now.

Tantra Lounge
35-50 31st St, Astoria, NY 11106
(718) 937-4574