Lots of empty storefronts up for sale!

So, it seems that with all the new restaurants and stores opening, there’s an equal amount closing. Are you guys tired of hearing about rising rent prices yet? We did some sleuthing, and it seems these storefronts are going for small fortunes!


Formerly a Malaysian food spot, Savory Cafe’s doors have closed for good. Located at 47-12 30th Ave, the cafe is in a pretty high traffic area. We wonder what happened!  The current asking price is a whopping $150,000 for 1,500 sq. feet – $100 a foot.

Located smack dab in the middle of Broadway at 35-19, 1-800-Flowers has closed their doors as well – and is asking for $10,000 per month for 2,000 sq. feet. That’s a hefty sum – but for such a prime location, slightly understandable. We’re kind of glad, as we’ve found locally owned florists tend to care more about making us Astorians happy, and 1-800-Flowers with their 1.5 Yelp rating apparently…did not. 

Any thoughts on what should open? What do you think Astoria is lacking? Where have you guys seen an empty storefront? Snap a picture!