False Alarm at Astoria Park!

We were just walking by Astoria Park, and saw these FDNY trucks!

photo 1

Apparently it was a false alarm – someone called in to report a drowning, but thankfully no one did drown. The FDNY, though, was there almost immediately. It’s really amazing how quickly they can get to a life threatening situation – and it makes us feel a lot safer in case anything imperative does happen. We know Astoria is being carefully taken care of.

photo 2

Now, listen Astorians. You have got to stay safe! Do not attempt to swim in the water at Astoria Park – under any circumstances. If you happen to drop something in the water, LEAVE IT. It’s not worth risking your life! Today there was a false alarm, but we don’t ever want to turn on the news and hear about a real drowning. If you want to swim – go to Astoria pool!