Four games? No problem.

We’ve got FOUR games going on today – Costa Rica vs. England and Italy vs. Uruguay at 12 p.m, and Greece vs. Ivory Coast and Japan vs. Colombia at 4:00 p.m. There’s no doubt these are all going to be phenomenal games, and it’s really anyone’s game because the World Cup as been full of surprises of so far.

Now, guess which game Astoria is going to go wild for. That’s right – Greece vs. Ivory Coast. You know you’ll be hearing scream from half the restaurants tonight – with blue and white flags everywhere. To watch the game, we’re headed to Flo Lounge.

After the excitement that was the USA games, we’re ready to relax and sit down to watch the game – while still being around cheering fans. Flo Lounge is the perfect place for that – excitement, but with some breathing room. If you’re looking for screaming, fist pumping action….this might not be your place. But if you’re like us and want a a fun place to watch without being overwhelmed, Flo is your place.

Tonight they’ve got the game playing on all five of their TV’s, and $6 drink specials going on throughout the game. If you’ve never had drinks here, we recommend their sangria – which is some of the best we’ve tried. They also make a killer raspberry mojito.

We’re normally pretty hungry by 4, so if you’re having an early dinner, check out their fresh sushi. It might seem a little out of place, but the chefs at Flo know their sushi.

Spicy Crab Roll with avocado, spinach tempura flakes and wasabi aioli

If you’re in the mood for a heartier meal, we’re partial to the Angus skirt steak – just make sure you let them know exactly how you like it – it’s usually made perfectly to our liking.