Pop Bar is Almost Ready to Open!

12-21 Astoria Boulevard is kind of like that friend we all grew up with – the one that hat went through constant stages of reinvention. You know, the one who declared “THIS IS THE REAL ME,” with each new change. But it’s cool – change is good.

What was once Hell Gate Social, and then Hell Gate Tiki, is now opening its doors as The Pop Bar. If you’ve walked by the past few months, it wasn’t hard to miss the huge mural against the black, iron doors – juxtaposed beautifully next door to The Astor Bake Shop’s quaint exterior.

photo 2

The Pop Bar’s aim is to bring a new vibe to Astoria – something the owners think has never been seen before. They’re looking to pay homage to the great artists of the neighborhood – especially the graffiti artists. We’re interested to see how that vibe is accomplished – will it be just through decor? Or will the drinks, menu, music and style all reflect that? We can’t help but reminisce about the historic 5 Pointz, and think it’s great of the owners to try and pay homage to an art form that is so ingrained in New York City culture.

We just received word that Pop Bar should be opening any day now. We’ll keep you updated on the exact date! Stay tuned.