10 Reasons Astoria is the BEST Neighborhood in Queens

Not that you needed convincing, but here’s why Astoria is the best.

1. The diversity. Walking through Astoria, you hear nearly every type of language. Every other blocks you can find a Church, Mosques, Synagogue, Temple or Cross Fit center. Cross Fit is practically a religion, right?

2. THE FOOD! You can have have authentic, hand-made bagels for breakfast, fresh rolled sushi for lunch, Greek seafood for dinner…and italian cannolis for dessert. ALL IN THE SAME BLOCK.


3. The nightlife. From Ice lounge, to Midnight Hookah, to Crescent and Vine and Sweet Afton – there’s a place for everyone to enjoy Saturday night.

4. You don’t need a car! I mean, it would be nice… but seriously, between the N Q and R and the multitude of buses in Astoria, plus the fact that so much is in walking distance, Astoria is one of the few places you can get away with not having a car.

5. You get the best of Manhattan with just a short commute…and pay a fraction of the rent. SO MUCH EXTRA MONEY.

6. Summers in Astoria are incomparable. Seriously, there’s a street fair, festival or flea market EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND. Until September! You can’t ever be bored. Just wake up and walk out of your apartment, and you’l find something to do within 5 blocks. Maybe 6.

7. Movies. That sounds broad, but between the Museum of the Moving Image, and the Kaufman Astoria Studios, and the multitude of movies that are regularly filmed here, Astoria is pretty much a movie lovers paradise.

8. The arts – which KIND OF includes movies, but it’s so much more. Every single one of us has that friend or neighbor who’s always covered in paint, or the friend who sends up an invite every day to like their music page on Facebook, or we’ve checked out an open mic at one of the local bars. There’s no doubt that Astoria is home to thousands of amazing artists.

9. The community. You know everyone. And you might not know them all by name, but you give a smile to the lady you pass every morning on the way to the subway, the lady at the deli always asks about your day, and your cousin’s best friend’s aunt’s hair stylist still hugs you and tells you how big you’ve gotten. Astoria is like one really big, really diverse family. It’s like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s family times…a lot.

10. It just is. And everyone knows it. DUH.