Fatty’s is back!

Fatty’s opened their doors in 2003, and we all quickly fell in love. They were a neighborhood favorite, and when they recently closed their doors, we were super upset.

But they’re back and better than ever! Still run by husband and wife duo Fernando Pena and Suzanne Furboter, Fatty’s is back to serving up well known favorites. “We were a restaurant with soul,” Fernando told us, “and we wanted to stay that way.” And there’s no doubt they have.


It almost feels like Fatty’s just got a face lift – the space is bigger and has new design elements, but once you sit down it feels like nothing’s changed. The wait staff is still as friendly as ever – it’s impossible not to feel comfortable.

And, of course, the food. Fernando tells us he didn’t want to make any major changes to the menu just yet. “We wanted to keep it familiar, and keep the menu that everyone loved.” They’re still serving up the same amazing brunch, burgers, contraband chicken, and cubano sandwiches.

Contraband chicken!



Super juicy Chorizo burger

Come summer time, though, they’ll be adding some new elements to the menu. So keep an eye out! Another addition to the menu are some unique drinks, like the Idle Awhile. This awesome cocktail was inspired by Fernando’s trip to Jamaica, where he ran into some Canadians drinking cucumber juice and gin. He brought back the idea and stepped it up, by mixing farmer’s gin, puree of green pepper and cucumber, homemade ginger lemon simply syrup, and soda water. It’s perfect for the warm weather we’ve FINALLY been having.

They’ve also got the Skinny Jeans, which is a vodka drink with natural blueberry syrup, and a fruit skewer with blueberries soaked in vodka. Seriously a bang for your buck.

Fatty’s is truly an Astoria staple – it’s comforting and cozy, fun and familiar. We’re so glad they’re back!

You can visit the new Fatty’s at 4517 28th Ave, Astoria, New York 11103-1112, or follow them on Facebook!