Taverna Kyclades: The best place for seafood in Astoria. Seriously. That’s it. They win.


You’ve all seen it – the lines stretching down the block, tables filled to the brim with families, friends, and everything in between, the smell of fresh seafood wafting down Ditmars….mhhhh.

Taverna Kyclades is a neighborhood staple; a destination for the rest of Queens, so there’s no surprise we chose it as this week’s Pick of the Week.

We asked chef and owner Andy Skenderi what it is about Taverna Kyclades that keeps people coming back. “The quality and quantity,” he told us, “We give huge portions at a reasonable price. And I do my best to be friendly and respectful to everyone.” And it’s true – Andy just bubbles with friendliness. Over and over we saw him get up and shake hands with patrons, offer seats to the elderly that were  waiting, ask about children and wives, and put everyone around him at ease.

Before taking over as owner of Taverna Kyclades in 2001, Andy was a chef in the restaurant since 1997. He’s passionate about the food they serve – almost obsessed. Andy tells us the goal of Taverna Kyclades is to serve up consistent, amazing, food. Straight forward food. At Taverna Kyclades you won’t find any special sauces or mixes, just fresh, fragrant fish, extra virgin olive oil, and a little salt. The fish speaks for itself – Andy visits the fish market two or three times a week at 3 am, and hand picks all the fish. The bronzini is extra special – it comes straight from Greece.

There’s popular food like fried or grilled calamari, which come in portions that one person can’t possibly consume. But you might want to fight off your friends from eating your food.

One of the most ordered dishes is the broiled scallops – and for good reason. The perfect mix of seasonings and flavor make this dish mouth-watering, filling, and amazing.

Andy’s favorite’s are the black sea bass and the red snapper, so if you’re not sure what to order, put those at the top of your list. But be prepared for a huge portion. The best part? Everyone gets free dessert.

Plus, we heard that you might even see some famous faces. Apparently, Adrian Brody loves him some Taverna Kyclades. But you didn’t hear it from us!