Vitality and Health: Eating Right in Astoria


7 years ago John Sierros scoured Astoria trying to find a single health food store that met his needs…and he came up empty. An Astoria resident of more than 20 years, he was sick of not having a store that appealed to health conscious buyers and athletes, like himself. So what did he do? Well, he solved his problem. Because that’s what Astorians do.

John opened up Vitality and Health, easily one of the best health food stores around. Vitality and Health has everything you could possibly want to either start a healthier lifestyle, or to help you continue being healthy.

Vitality and Health has a huge variety of food. They’ve got the basics like organic fruit and vegetables (organics inside, everything else outside), and local Long Island eggs that come in weekly, but they’ve got so much more. There’s fresh made smoothies, a full salad bar, and even an organic food bar.

Cold pressed juices like E3 live are one of their specialties, and it’ll be hard to find a juice that doesn’t help you in one way or another. These juices are great for people like me who have a hard time getting enough fruits and vegetables in in a single day, and need an easier way to absorb all the nutrients.

There’s also LOADS of supplements and protein powders, many of which are actually cheaper than options you can find online. How rare is that nowadays!? There’s also natural homeopathic remedies for everything from the common cold to the flu, and they’re a great alternative to over the counter medicines.

Vitality and Health also carries health and beauty products, so if you love looking beautiful but hate the idea of inorganic ingredients on your body, they are absolutely worth taking a look at!

We love Vitality and Health because they do a lot to help the local community. They sponsor athletes, make donations to local shelters, as well as various charities. John, being as humble as he is, put it simply as “We’re good people. We just want to help everyone out.” And you can bet they’re doing just that, especially by keeping Astoria healthy!

You can visit Vitality and Health at 46-.3 Broadway, or find them on Facebook here.