Sakura Sushi

10:00 pm sushi cravings are not something to be taken lightly.

On our quest for the perfect salmon roll to fill the sushi emptiness inside of us, Give Me Astoria found ourselves at the door of Sakura Sushi, at 35-15 Ditmars Boulevard. The interior was dimly lit, but not dingy. It was pretty comfortable and intimate, and our little group happened to be the only one’s dining.


As soon as we sat down, two waitresses brought over antibacterial wipes for us to clean our hands with. It was cool. I like being pampered. We then quickly decided on our sushi satiation– salmon rolls, naturally, and some other interesting rolls. We also tried some chicken fried rice, and opened with the traditional miso soup and edamame.

So, let’s start with the good. The miso soup was BANGIN’. No, really, you don’t normally pay attention to miso soup, but Sakura’s was fabulous. The rolls were pretty good– freshly rolled, and portions were large. The salmon roll hit the spot.

We weren’t too thrilled with the chicken fried rice, it tasted slightly unusual and not super fresh. The edamame was a little saltier than we’d like. Overall, Sakura was good for a 10 pm sushi craving, but it won’t be at the top of our future sushi outings list.