Blue Bird Child Care

This week we got to learn about Blue Bird Child Care, a day care center that recently won Astoria’s Best Day Care Award. Blue Bird is owned and directed by Joan Diaz, a mom on a mission. When her son was just 13 months old, Joan found herself laid off from her job, and decided to head in a direction that she loved: childcare.


From this came Blue Bird Child Care, a day care that is quickly making strides. In just a few short years, Blue Bird has grown to adapt to the needs of both the children that attend, and their parents. One of the most innovative aspects of Blue Bird Child Care is their use of webcams– parents can check up on their children throughout the day, putting them at ease. Daily reports are also sent out to keep parents updated.

Programs at Blue Bird are not only educational, but fun as well. Children get to participate in everything from arts and crafts, to music making and acting, to hands on cooking. There’s even classes on being bilingual!

Blue Bird is a home based daycare, so children feel like they’re part of one big family. There are laughs, learning, and naturally, lots of tears. Temper tantrums are no match for Joan and her staff, though. Angry attention is quickly diverted to something happier, children are distracted and kept busy, and swiftly forget about what they were upset about in the first place.

Blue Bird participate in lots of cool events, taking their kids places like the Ronald McDonald House Annual Fun Run. They have loads of holiday parties that are a blast, and get everyone, even parents, involved in the fun. Currently, they’re celebrating March Nutritional Month, and are planning a baking event with parents.

Blue Bird Child Care is a great, happy place. The staff is experienced and nurturing, and it’s clear that all the children are having a blast. What more could you want from a day care?