Go Greek This Summer: With Your Ultimate Guide to Greek Cuisine and Culture in Astoria

Let’s face it: Astoria has long been New York’s reigning Greek town. Turn any corner in the neighborhood, and chances are that you’ll come across either someone speaking Greek, or a small business owned by someone of Greek descent. Whether it’s the food, the shops, or the coffee, Astoria is a great place to celebrate your inner Hellene. Especially if you can’t get to the Greek islands this summer, Astoria is a great place to start.

Here are some of Give Me Astoria’s go-to Greek spots to kick off your Greek summer in Astoria!

Taverna Kyclades

Images via Instagram (@tavernakyclades)

Ask around for people’s favorite Greek restaurant in New York, and chances are you’ve heard Taverna Kyclades come up. Serving some of the most authentic Greek-style dishes in the city, this eatery has long been a favorite, even serving the likes of celebrities. Don’t know where to start? While you can’t go wrong with any of Kyclades’ dishes, the lobster spaghetti is enough to feed two and will make you feel like you’re dining on one of the Greek islands in the Cyclades as opposed to Ditmars. Additional standout menu items include the grilled octopus, broccoli rabe with feta, and the ksifias (swordfish) souvlaki served with fresh grilled vegetables.

36-01 Ditmars Blvd. / @tavernakyclades

Agnanti Meze

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Image by Eleni Louca

Combining classic Greek flavors with a can’t-be-beat Astoria view, it’s no wonder why Agnanti Meze has long remained a neighborhood favorite. Open daily from lunch through dinner, this laid-back eatery offers customers a chance to try authentic Greek cuisine without breaking the bank in a traditional taverna-style setting. If you aren’t sure what to try first, the Cretan Ntakos salad is a must. Refreshing, flavorful, and filling, this salad consists of crushed rusks topped with crumbled feta, tomatoes, capers, olives, and drizzled with olive oil. For your main, you really can’t go wrong with any of Agnanti’s offerings from the specialty sardeles seafood entree to the Greek meatballs, also known as soutzoukakia in tomato sauce.

19-06 Ditmars Blvd. / @agnantimezenyc


Image via Instagram (@oveliapsistaria)

Bringing classic Greek dishes with an American twist, Ovelia has been serving up delicious fusion dishes since 2006. Open for both weekend brunches and dinner, this no-frills restaurant/bar has many innovative entrees and cocktails that make it stand out from the competition. Think Greek coffee-rubbed skirt steak served with a side of rosemary smashed potatoes, to start. Other creative innovative menu items include the halloumi nuggets, kafteri wantons, feta cubes, and more.

Ovelia also hosts Greek-inspired events, such as an annual Dekapentavgousto event every August to celebrate the 15th of August, which is a national holiday in Greece. The eatery also hosts a variety of Greek live music nights and events throughout the year, in case you want a slice of Greece without going too far!

34-01 30th Ave. / @oveliapsistaria


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Located right on 36th Avenue, Psari stays true to its name and offers some of the freshest, most delicious fish Astoria has to offer. The seafood restaurant gives customers plenty of tasty options to choose from start to finish. However, with a name like Psari, one must give this eatery’s outstanding fish dishes a try. Our recommendation?

To start, the grilled octopus is a must, as well as the Psari raw bar which consists of two of each: clams, oysters, and jumbo shrimp. The grilled red snapper, served with garlic bread and your choice of potatoes, rice, or vegetables. Customers are served fresh galaktoboureko, compliments of Psari at the end of each meal. Enjoy this unique dining experience with a glass of imported wine for a meal you won’t forget.

32-10 36th Ave. / @psariseafood

Victory Garden Café

Victory Garden Cafe @victorygardencafe • Instagram
Image via Instagram (@victorygardencafe)

Adorned with a backyard that is sure to transport you to, well, not Astoria, Victory Garden Café has been serving the neighborhood Greek pastries and coffees for decades. The family-run business offers plenty of choices when it comes to food and drinks. However, if you’re looking for this eatery’s standout item, look no further than the galaktoboureko: a classic Greek dessert filled with a sweet custard and wrapped in phyllo dough, soaked in honey.

Sit down for lunch or dinner and choose from an array of classic Greek dishes, including moussaka, layers of eggplant and seasoned beef, potatoes topped with a bechamel sauce, or their pastitsio, macaroni, beef, grated cheese, topped with bechamel sauce. The gemista is roasted tomato and pepper stuffed with seasoned beef and rice. Whether you’re hosting a milestone event or simply just want to enjoy a quick coffee, Victory Garden Café has it all.

21-69 Steinway St. / @victorygardencafe

Jaguar Cafe Bistro Bar

FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot 2627 Jaguar Cafe Bistro Bar @jaguar nyc • Instagram photos and videos www.instagram.com
Images via Instagram (@jaguar_nyc)

The perfect new addition to Astoria, Jaguar has both the look and feel of the idyllic spot in Athens. Complete with a lush, green backyard perfect for relaxing and enjoying the summer weather, Jaguar is open daily from morning until night. There are plenty of offerings on the menu for all, from lite bites to more filling dishes.

We highly recommend the black truffle tarama accompanied by freshly toasted pita, as well as the Jaguar club sandwich which is reminiscent of the perfectly stuffed club sandwiches that can be found throughout Greece. Pair your meal with one of Jaguar’s refreshing cocktails or mocktails and prepare to enjoy. Whether it’s for your morning coffee or some post-workday cocktails, Jaguar brings the Athenian vibes right to Astoria.

37-10 31 Ave. / @jaguar_nyc

Vista Sky Lounge

FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot 2628 Vista Sky Lounge Catering @vistaskylounge • Instagram photos and videos www.instagram.com
Image via Instagram (@vistaskylounge)

Boasting some of the best views of the Manhattan skyline that Queens has to offer, Vista Sky Lounge is the ideal rooftop lounge for all seasons. Open year-round, Vista presents guests plenty of Greek-inspired dishes and hosts Greek events. If you’re looking for a taste of the Mediterranean, be sure to try their Greek salad to start and follow up with the lobster pasta while soaking up the beautiful views of the city. If cocktails are more of your thing, Vista’s delicious Chios espresso martini has the perfect Greek twist — some Mastiha which makes this perfect summer cocktail stand apart from the rest.

27-05 39th Ave. / @vistaskylounge

King Souvlaki

Image via Instagram (@kingsouvlaki)

Whether it’s a work lunch or just the meal you need after a night out, the perfect food at any time of the day is a delicious, stuffed gyro. Fortunately, King Souvlaki lives up to the hype. Gyros are not the only thing on the menu, as this legendary food truck also offers customers a variety of dips, sides, hero sandwiches, souvlaki sticks, and more.

For the authentic Greek feel, be sure to try the pork souvlaki pita sandwich. This sandwich is sure to fill you up, complete with freshly marinated pork, along with toppings and a sauce of your choice, stuffed inside of a perfectly toasted pita. Add some of King Souvlaki’s Greek fries on the side topped with oregano and crumbled feta and you’re on your way to a great day!

31st St. & 31 Ave. & 22-02 Steinway St. / @kingsouvlaki

Gold N Honey

Image via Instagram (@goldnhoneynyc)

Loukoumades are a staple Greek dessert: think a bite-sized doughnut drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon. Gold N Honey takes this traditional sweet treat and completely makes it their own with a range of toppings sure to satisfy all. Besides the old-fashioned loukoumades, our favorite has to be the Stuff N Good Loukoumades, stuffed with Nutella and complete with a white chocolate drizzle and stuffed Oreos on top. However, Gold N Honey offers much more than just loukoumades, with other Greek pastries such as spinach and cheese pies, and Greek-style coffee as well.

25-03 Ditmars Blvd. / @goldnhoneynyc

Under Pressure Coffee

FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot 2630 Under Pressure Coffee @underpressurecoffeenyc • Instagram photos and videos www.instagram.com
Image via Instagram (@underpressurecoffeenyc)

Let’s face it: our morning coffee makes all the difference. Coffee has the ability to completely change our day and our mood. So, it’s always important to treat yourself with the best quality coffee. Conveniently located right between both the 30th Avenue and Broadway subway stops, Under Pressure is open daily just in time to start your morning and through the evening commute. And, for those summer afternoons with great weather, this coffee spot also offers plenty of outdoor seating to make the most of the sunshine. Besides coffee, Under Pressure also has plenty of smoothies, fresh juices, teas, and baked goods to enjoy.

30-19 31st Ave. & 23-38 31st St. / @underpressurecoffeenyc

Melrose Penthouse

Image via Instagram (@melrosepenthouse)

If a night on the town is what you’re in the mood for, give Melrose Penthouse a try. Hosting weekly nights complete with Greek music, dancing, and drinks, this spot is reminiscent of a night out overseas. With a rotation of DJs both local and from Greece, Melrose brings a Greek night out to you. Melrose Penthouse can also be used for private events and parties, sure to make the milestone occasions in life even more special. Pro tip? Be sure to enjoy a delicious pita sandwich from King Souvlaki at 4AM once Melrose closes.

36-08 33rd St. / @melrosepenthouse

Titan Foods

Image via Instagram (@titanfoods)

Titan has long been the go-to for Greeks both in Astoria and out of town for imported products and freshly made food and desserts for over 40 years, earning its reputation of what they call ‘the largest retail Greek food and grocery store in North America’ for a reason. After a brief closure, fortunately, Titan Foods is reopening right on Steinway Street to bring customers the same Greek experience as its former Astoria Boulevard location. However, you can still order all their products online. Titan Foods doesn’t just offer food, but a variety of Greek coffees, calendars, greeting cards, and even magazines for those who might be missing home.

23-53 Steinway St. / @titanfoods

Mediterranean Foods

FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot 2631 Mediterranean Foods @mediterraneanfoodsnyc • Instagram photos and videos www.instagram.com
Image via Instagram (@mediterraneanfoodsnyc)

With two Astoria locations, Mediterranean Foods is many Astorians’ go-to destination for all things Greek. Mediterranean Foods brings flavors of Greece via its imported products fresh from the motherland for the last 50 years in the neighborhood. Customers can expect a wide variety of Greek and Cypriot products such as cheeses, teas, coffees, olive oil, pasta, and much more. This local market has 2 Astoria locations that offer products from not just Greece, but countries throughout the Balkans as well. If you’re missing Greece or simply want to try some Hellenic products, be sure to add either of Mediterranean Foods’ locations to your list!

30-12 34th St. & 22-78 35th St. / @mediterraneanfoodsnyc

Hará NYC

Image via Instagram (@hara.nyc)

Hará NYC was opened by a local mother-son duo in order to bring luxury Mediterranean products to New York City. The name for the store is derived from the Greek word for ‘joy’, and one is sure to find joy in the beautifully curated items offered at Hará. Initially inspired by resortwear, Hará NYC also presents its customers with a wide range of products to wear and for the home by designers from overseas, as well as local creatives. Hará NYC’s storefront differs from the competition by highlighting designers and items that can rarely be found in North America, let alone New York. Hará NYC hosts not just resortwear for men and women, but beauty products and home goods such as Greek-inspired aromatic oils, decor, teas, and diffusers.

24-01 29th St. / @hara.nyc

Hellenic Aesthetic

Hellenic Aesthetic @hellenicaesthetic • Instagram photos and videos www.instagram
Image via Instagram (@hellenicaesthetic)

Located in the heart of Astoria, Hellenic Aesthetic truly delivers on its name. Customers have the opportunity to browse a wide selection of Greek brands without leaving New York. This storefront prides itself on bringing ‘a piece of Greece to your doorstep’ and presents a selection of Greek jewelry, clothing, and accessories for both yourself and your home. Think classic Greek-style fashion such as evil eyes, Greek key patterns, and Greek leather goods. Hellenic Aesthetic also hosts various networking events throughout the year, so be sure to follow them for more.

30-91 31st Ave. / @hellenicaesthetic

Bring a little piece of Greece to you this summer and visit any or all these wonderful Greek-inspired businesses in Astoria!