The Best Boutique Fitness Studios to Get Your Sweat On

HIIT It Real Good

If you’re looking to recommit to your fitness goals in the new year, you’re in luck. These boutique fitness studios offer smaller group exercise classes so instructors can give you more attention than you’d get at a traditional gym. Whether you want to sculpt your body in a low-impact class, burn major calories in a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, or sweat it out in hot yoga, you can easily find something to suit your exercise style in Astoria.


Lagree NY

This fitness studio is known for its low impact, high-intensity workout that marries Pilates, strength training, and cardio. The 50-minute total-body class is done entirely on the megaformer, a fitness machine that has a moving platform and springs for resistance. Moves like lunges, squats, and side crunches are performed slowly and controlled to activate your “slow-twitch muscle fibers,” a.k.a fat-burning and endurance muscles. Prepare to shake in the best way!
27-11 23rd Ave | 917.396.4771 | @lagree.ny |


Form50 Fitness

If you love that shaking feeling you get in your muscles after an intense workout, then you’ll also enjoy the full body workout here. It combines low-impact interval training with fast movement on the studio’s custom designed “formformer” machine, which is similar to a megaformer. The 50-minute total-body class features strengthening and toning moves like pikes, planks, and lunges that burn so good. The best part? This class is set to a party playlist beneath club-like purple neon lights, so you’ll almost forget you’re working out.
31-57 31st St | 347.354.3676 | @form50fitness |


Orangetheory Fitness

This super-popular boutique chain finally opened its doors in Astoria in 2019. The one-hour, full-body workout is broken down into three sections: rowing, cardio (walking, jogging, or running on a treadmill), and strength training. You’ll wear a heart rate monitor during class, which syncs your real-time results to screens across the studio. The instructors will guide you through five heart rate zones, with the goal of spending 12 or more minutes in the “orange zone” to burn maximum calories and fat.
31-57 31st St | 718.962.0800 | @orangetheory |


The Row Astoria

Want to increase your cardio stamina, work your core and glutes, and improve your posture? The Row Astoria’s signature 50-minute row/HIIT class is just the ticket. It incorporates circuit training and rowing for a total-body workout.
2643 18th St. | 646.823.2376 | @therowastoria |

Sage Fitness

Sage Fitness is a functional fitness facility that offers several small group classes and individualized
personal training that focuses on seven fundamental movements of the human body: pull, push,
squat, lunge, hinge, rotation, and gait. These movements help stimulate the major muscle groups
of the body and allow you to go deeper than traditional exercise for a safe and effective workout.
23-17 31st St | 718.777.1676 | @sagefitnessastoria |


The Yoga Room

For a variety of yoga classes that deepen the mind-body connection, tighten your core, and help you unwind, head here. There are all sorts of yoga classes on the schedule, from vinyasa to yin to aerial. Classes cater to all levels from beginner to advanced, with most sessions clocking in at an hour.
38-01 35th Ave | 718.274.0255 | @yogaroomnyc |


Fit Club NYC

Stop by FitClubNY for all of your health and fitness needs, from personal training to physical therapy to acupuncture and everything in between. Recently, the club has started hosting group classes in addition to their all-encompassing private personal training. If you’re looking for a place that has it all, look no further than Fit Club NYC.
21-03 31st Ave | 646.875.8348 | @fitclubny |


Brooke Taylor Fit App

For those who would rather work out from home, there’s a virtual fitness program to suit your needs. Brooke Taylor is an Astoria-based supermom who launched a comprehensive fitness app in early 2021. Taylor is an ACE-certified personal trainer who will teach you how to build a strong fitness foundation tailored to you. Her structured fitness program and classes will help you meet your goals, whether you want to strengthen your core, sculpt lean muscle, or improve flexibility. She even has a 28-day challenge to help you kickstart a new fitness regimen and healthy eating habits. Consider her your personal trainer in your back pocket.
@brooketaylorfitapp |