Seafood Lovers Rejoice: We’ve Found What You Seek(os)

Sometimes, being a lover of seafood can be difficult. Even in a neighborhood as culturally diverse as Astoria, where just one block at a time can flaunt more worldly cuisines than Epcot’s entire World Showcase, a solid go-to seafood restaurant can be hard to find. Be it because of price, location, serving sizes, or even just the demanding attention to detail that the previously submerged cuisine requires, it’s rare that you find a venue which checks all the boxes.

One new and under-the-radar Steinway Street restaurant might change that, though. Seekos, a new seafood eatery which has graced those lucky enough to have found their Instagram account with mouth-watering photos and clips, appears ready to become a seafood fanatic’s heaven. With a modern look, great location on Steinway and 30th Avenue, and prices that won’t make you cringe, it may only be a matter of time until it becomes Astoria’s newest hot spot. And that’s not even mentioning the food.

Where to begin, though? Perhaps Seekos’ most appealing option is their lobster roll ( lobster is frequently featured on their IG page, and rightfully so). But right on up there is the Seafood Pasta: a choice of penne or fettuccine served with a generous portion of mussels, clams, and shrimp. At $15, the best bang for your buck is likely the three piece whiting fish and french fries combo: a fried option that is visibly packed with spices and other seasoning.

But the absolute must-have? A $70 behemoth platter big enough to fill a few mouths and then some: two clusters of snow crab legs, ½ pound of mussels, ½ pound of clams, ten pieces of shrimp, potatoes, corn on the cob, and a spice mix that has their IG audience salivating.

Explore the rest of their promising menu Tuesday-Sunday any time between 5pm-1am (kitchen closes about 30 minutes prior to closing). Oh, and try not to drool too much.

2579 Steinway St. | 718.255.6424 | @seekosnyc