NYC Illuminati Led Robot Guarantees to Be Futuristic Hit

Jairo Ortega, an Astorian butcher by profession, provides a rather unique party service: LED robots, funny costumes, and laser lights! As a new business owner, Jairo is dedicated to making your celebration a one-of-a-kind spectacle and fun for all ages.

No party or club is too small and every request is welcome, whether you’re holding a wedding, birthday bash, quinceanera, or throwing a party just because. Originally from Mexico, Jairo witnessed a live robot in his home country and became intrigued with the idea of robot entertainment. He couldn’t find the right costumes, but he found an amazing artist who was able to create them by hand and therefore transform his dream into a reality. That’s how he started his family business, which consists of three members, including himself and his brother-in-law Elias Ortega (who’s the third?) They all wear the costumes themselves, and the attached C02 canisters (who needs a fog machine?) are an enormous surprise for the crowds!

Their goal with NYC Illuminati is to get people to forget their worries for a day and have fun. Prices may vary so be sure to call ahead. Any additional requests can be made through their vibrant Instagram, @nycilluminatiled.

Let’s plan for some fall festivities transformer-style!