Welsh, What Are You Waiting For?

Here at GMA, we love our trailblazers, our “firsts,” our “can’t get it anywhere else’s. We also love our comfort food – that undeniable, “just what I needed” heartiness. On that note, we’d like to introduce you to NYC’s first and only Welsh Kitchen & Bar: Snowdonia.

“Snowdonia…is a mountainous region in Northern Wales. Named after this beautiful area, [they] are an authentic restaurant in the Welsh tradition of the ‘loca’” that fuses inventive cuisine and quality regional craft beers.”


It’s hard to know where to begin when it comes to this unique menu. Start yourself off with a pot of mussels in Welsh broth, Rarebit (Welsh classic cheese and beer topping on toasted baguettes with spicy bacon, pickled red onions, and olive tapenade), Cockle Fritters (Old Bay and chive-spiced clam cakes with house-made remoulade), or Laverbread and Bacon (seaweed and oatmeal “breadsticks” served with pork belly and lemon.

Next, we’ve got equally jaw-dropping classics with a Welsh twist like Shepard’s Pie, Glamorgan’s and Mash (vegetarian), Wurst Platters, and Shrimp and Cauliflower Grits, to name a few.

If you thought we covered the bases, think again. Snowdonia is also home to an additionally extensive selection of “Monster Sandwiches,” “byrgyrs,” “dogs, wursts and other comforts.”

Nothing completes a meal like the above like a refreshing craft beer or mixed drink, all while sitting in Snowdonia’s quaint outdoor dining area!  Mwynhau eich hun (enjoy yourself)!.


32-01 35th Ave. /  347.730.5783 / @snowdonianyc