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Put the Pop in Your Picnic with VibeNic

We all know there are some backyard divas out there when it comes to going all out on the green, so we’ve upped the outdoor game. We went from camping to glamping, and now we are turning an ordinary picnic into an elegant, luxurious experience worthy of your inner green goddess.

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Monique Powell and Nicola Herrera, inspired by a new concept for outdoor vibing, decided to put their creative minds together to form VibeNic: a luxury picnic service where they supply the gear and you just worry about the food, taking a big load off your plate. You can now picnic in style, with proper silverware, porcelain plates, real drinking glasses, and cloth napkins, while someone else hauls it all for you to your desired location, complete with pillows, lanterns, blankets, tables, and tents. VibeNic will transform your picnic into a romantic table for two, a tea party for five, or a birthday bash for eight. You choose your guests and your theme, and they will choose the patterns and fabrics according to your color preference and style vibe – completely customized to suit your needs.

They work every occasion and setting, from birthdays to anniversaries, backyards to driveways, beaches to parks, and any other spot you might dream up. Not sure where to bring your outdoor flair? If you want that special place with lots of sky blues that turn into tangerine sunsets over cityscape views, they will help you choose the ideal spot. They know where to set the scene in and out of NYC. Cat nap on the green, anyone?

If you want a little more shade and privacy, add on a cozy little teepee for you and your boo. And what’s a proper tablescape in the landscape without a fresh bouquet of colorful flowers, or a charcuterie board for nibbling pre-feast? Keep the rest of the food on ice, and the early birds happy, with a little cheese and prosciutto on the table while waiting for those fashionably late butterflies to arrive. They will provide these, and a growing list of add-ons, that make every detail of your picnic a lavish experience by laying on the ambience. Don’t worry – you can leave your white gloves at home and bring your baseball mitt instead by adding fun activities that suit your gaming style. VibeNic will also bring the Jenga, the Twister, and backyard bocce set. After a couple of mimosas, you can happily leave the lawn bowling game behind.

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VibeNic’s luxury picnic service will give you and your guests the VIP treatment, plus it’s environmentally friendly. Who wants to be loading up that drippy, runny potato salad on fancy styrofoam or wax-coated paper plates anyway? I prefer the real deal in my flatware that won’t puncture a fork mark through my plate or scrape the wax off with it. Make that a porcelain plate, please, and leave all the plastic out of it. The struggle is real when you try to cut up that grilled skirt steak or grandma’s famous buttermilk fried chicken without a proper place setting. My lap is not the placeholder I had in mind. Hook me up with a table; I’m not taking my bedroom set or kitchen counter on the subway with me.

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VibeNic will work out all the details, so you can sit back and relax, welcome your guests, and have a good time, riverside, parkside, or oceanside. VibeNic will be there, on location, rolling out the green carpet for your grand entrance right onto a picnic set fit for a “scene queen.” So what are you waiting for? Summer is almost over and fall is around the corner, and so is Astoria Park. Pick up the bubbly and bring some pop to your picnic with VibeNic.

For booking, shoot them a message on Instagram at @vibenic._.