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Born and raised in Astoria, Luis Bolaños has been cutting hair for 16 years and owned LIC Tonsorial since 2014. His goal? “We wanted to bring exclusivity to Queens.”

From their euro style decor, to signature Middle eastern style shaves, Latino inspired fades, Asian sharpened shear work, and American products to perfectly style, Luis has brought ideas and inspiration from his numerous travels to barbershops all over the world. Their decor, knowledge, and services come together to create an atmosphere that people from all cultures and backgrounds can love and appreciate. “This is Queens, one of the most diverse capitals of the world. We like to keep it diverse.”

Just like fine dining, LIC Tonsorial keeps its menu short and sweet for an unforgettable experience; perfecting the same exclusive services for the past 6 years.

Like their signature traditional hot towel shave. It consists of a triple hot towel shave with tea tree infused towels to purify and disinfect the skin and a cooling shave cream to help alleviate any razor burn. They shave with, against, and clean-up any imperfections, then finish up with a cold towel to close the pores with skin tonic to tighten the skin. It’s incredible service and relaxation at its finest.

The smiling faces and compliments on not only a great haircut and phenomenal shave, but a vibrant and classy atmosphere keeps Luis motivated and dedicated to growing his business into a Queen’s staple.

“When people say ‘This is what Queens needed’ it gets me going and makes me strive to claim that title of the best Barbershop in the neighborhood!”

Luis and the rest of LIC Tonsorial’s amazing artists want everyone to join them for their upcoming signature monthly events in their own backyard and hangout space at the basement bar. And are looking forward to sharing a big announcement for 2021! Stay tuned for the scoop!