From Biskoti to Astoria: Be Safe, Be Strong, Be Healthy

Customers of Biskoti reached out to Tommy the owner to express their hopes that the location would remain open for business during this trying time. While he of course is doing everything he can not to disappoint them, it has not been easy.

Sometimes when the weather is nice, there is better morale, people are out, and things pick up a little. Most of the time however, there just simply is no business. Nonetheless, Biskoti is doing their best to keep their doors open while also trying to give back and support their local community. They are providing tons of promotions during this time including buy two pastries get one free, a free muffin with your coffee, and more! Nothing goes to waste, and Biskoti has donated deliveries to the local hospitals and other small businesses who have remained open. “They are also working hard and struggling to stay afloat. Why would I throw anything away, when it can go to people who need it” says Tommy.

This does not go unnoticed, and there is definitely a sense of community, and gratuity. People are so appreciative of just getting something a little extra.

Image via Biskoti Bakery Café Facebook.

All businesses take a hit, but it is especially difficult when your business is such a baby, Biskoti only opening less than a year ago. Rent, electric, insurance, permits, payroll, amongst other things that business owners need to worry about, seem hopeless when there is no major income to build profits and pay back all the expenses and start up costs.

To help support employees, they can come in to work whenever they like and can have free coffee and pastries. However, it is near impossible to afford help, and many of his employees are now on unemployment. To stay afloat, Tommy has to do everything himself, from buying supplies to making deliveries. While he remains hopeful of receiving financial aid, applications have gone unanswered and the long term affects of COVID could leave Biskoti out of business.

Where do we go from here? It is hard to give advice to others when you don’t know what to do yourself. Be safe, Be strong, Be HEALTHY. That’s the main thing he says, and from there hopefully we can rebuild. One final note: Biskoti would like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all the special moms out there.

Image via Biskoti Bakery Cafe (@biskotinyc) Instagram.