Make Do & Mend


Do your old favorites need a bit of attention?  Would you wear that dress again – if only you could fix that tear?

This workshop gives you the opportunity to learn simple hand sewing techniques to fix up your clothes.  Why spend more on clothes when you can gain the skills to make the most of what you've got!

You will learn proper techniques some for tying a knot, sewing a button, darning a sweater, mending split seams, shortening and lengthening hems, patching and mending holes and changing elastics in waists and some very useful stitches.

Bring items from your wardrobe that either need some sort of fix (hem, hole repaired, etc.) or something that never quite “works” for you. You will learn how to alter and/or fix what you already have. 

Previous sewing experience isn’t necessary. Sewing kits will be provided.