Mayor de Blasio, De Niro, Alicia Keys And More Take Stage At Museum Of The Moving Image


The Museum of the Moving Image was a star studded scene as Mayor Bill de Blasio celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Mayor's Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting on the Wednesday 8th of June. 

Alicia Keys, Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal and John Leguizamo were the attendees who joined Mayor de Blasio, and were also made Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME) Ambassadors by the mayor. 

As Ambassadors, the New York native stars are going to be busy for the next 12 months, representing the city's media and entertainment industries. 

There was nothing but positive remarks for New York from all who took the podium at the Astoria Museum, Deniro saying, "I grew up in New York — I chose to launch my production company here because there is no better setting than New York for your film, no better city to shoot in than New York…..I feel fortunate every time I get to make a movie here".

Alicia Keys joining in on the high praise, “Growing up in New York City, I was inspired by the energy and creativity of the people and places all around me………..I’m excited to be an ambassador for MOME this year and support them as they give back to the city’s diverse communities by presenting free events in the outer boroughs in the coming months. This is a great time to be a part of New York’s rich and multicultural entertainment industry, and I’m glad to share this moment with New Yorkers from all backgrounds.”

There's also initiatives that de Blasio announces which would serve the community and those in the arts. Some of those initiatives include :

– 50 for 50: 50 free events providing inside look into New York entertainment industry

– Access Broadway: more than 1000 free tickets for Broadway shows for NYCHA residents

– MOME Movie Matinees: providing more than 1000 low-income families with feature films free of charge starting August

and much more….

Of the event and New York City and the film industry, de Blasio said, “New York City becomes a character all its own in the films and television shows that are made here……..This landmark anniversary is an opportunity to look back and delight in all of the incredible cultural moments that the entertainment industry here in New York has made possible.”

All in all the event was informative and extremely entertaining. Each of the new Ambassadors were eager to get the job started, and to praise all the opportunities, diversities and proud people of New York. 


Visit Museum of the Moving Image for more details on events and attractions.