Shore Blvd Redesign Starting This Month

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Well it was the central topic of one of the most heated debates in Astoria since gentrification began moving in – what to do about Shore Blvd. 

Close it or let it be was the question on everyone's lips, with half of Astoria for the closure of the road due to complaints about illegal racing, parties, drugs and gangs using the Blvd for their own fun. While the other half urged the Astoria staple to stay as it is, stating that not only was it easy access for those who couldn't walk all the way from the car park – like the elderly – but also talking about the historic value of the Strip and what it meant for the community in general. 

After a petition saw thousands of signatures to close it, along with local politicians either for or against, a decision to keep the strip open was reached. However, not entirely the same. 

The strip would remain opened, however would be only one way, with a redesign focusing on bike paths and safety. 

That redesign was confirmed and approved and will this month of May begin, according to the Department of Transportation. 

The extensions will be set for completion by the summer, according to DOT, and will hopefully make it much safer for park goers in the area.  


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