We’re Getting An Adult Playground!


There is an unused space, a desolate place underneath the Triborough Bridge, where no one goes, and nothing ever happens. Void of any fun, games, people, it just sits there patiently awaiting it's future. It watches the smiling faces of Astoria Park and can only dream to one day see them up close. 

And now, it can!

This empty space eager to be something, anything, is itself smiling as it learns its fate –  a playground for adults. Hazzah!

We get Pink-Pong, Volleyball, and exercise equipment. Benches to relax on and a whole lot of fun. What more can you ask for?

The space was set for a remake already, but was delayed for two years after bridge crews had used the area for a staging lot. Now, officials have finally announced its refurbishment. It is expected to open in 2017, spring – just in time for the games – and has had a $825,000 redesign, according to the Parks Department. 

The Triborough Bridge Playground, as it will be named, is located at Hoyt Avenue North, right between 21st Street and Astoria Park. 

This is part of a bigger plan to turn the spaces underneath the bridge into something a little more, nice. Triborough Bridge Playground C, which is located on Hoyt Avenue North between 23rd and 24th streets, is currently home to two basketball courts which will be turned into a dog park (something that has been quite a split view in the communities mind). 

Whatever the case, you can at least be content with a change for the better. The dogs are getting theirs, and now we adults are getting ours. 


*Featured Image Credit: Jeanmarie Evelly/DNAinfo