Three Story Tut’s Hub Grand Opening This Saturday!


The Grand Opening of Steinways new Egyptian themed three story restaurant Tut's Hub Royal Cuisine is finally upon us, and there's more!

In celebration of the Grand Opening this Saturday at 5PM, the first 50 customers will get a FREE meal (valued at $10) once a week until December 31st!

The Egyptian restaurant is full of Egyptian decor, cuisine, and fun, with each floor offering something different. 

The first is dining. Patrons will be offered a choice between four traditional Egyptian plates, a buffet and a juice bar. 

The second floor is reserved for events. Business or private, wedding or birthday. It's roomy enough to accommodate anyones need. 

The third floor is for the kiddies. T.V's adorn one side, where kids can play games on consoles, while there's other games and activities throughout. There's even a live feed to T.V's down to the 1st floor, so that parents can keep an eye on their youngens. 

The restaurant's greatest achievement, however, has to be its decor. From top to bottom everything is Egyptian. Pharaohs, Hieroglyphs, Tombs, Egyptian columns, artifacts and more.  Cairo never felt closer. Just be wary of the curse of Tutankhamun!

Tut's Hub looks like it most certainly is here to stay, and be sure to stop by tomorrow night for the Grand Opening!

Where: 30-91 Steinway St.

Phone: (718) 932-8000

Tut's Hub Facebook.