Astoria Chef Competing for $25,000

halloween cakes.jpg

Rudy Martinez, a resident of Astoria for 18 years, will be going up against several contestants on the "Halloween Baking Championship" where bakers from all around the country face weekly challenges to create horrorificly scary and delicious sweets. 

Martinez's own creations reported DNAinfo, are inspired by the diversity of Astoria, a community which is home to a wide range of cuisines from across the globe. 

Rudy launched his own baking company after his friends and coworkers started giving him positive feedback on his home baked goods. The company, Man Bakes Cakes, is mostly focused on teaching the skills of baking, along with doing demos at events like cake shows. 

The show had its premier earlier this month on the Food Network with host Richard Blais, former Top Chef winner. 

Episodes air each Monday, and the Finale will be on October 26th. 

Martinez is thankfully still very much in the running for the $25,000 grand prize, the Astorian giving the rest of the contestants a very good run for their money. 

Martinez's awesomely delicious concoctions can be seen on his popular Facebook page.