Broadway’s Bustling Back!



Broadways back in business it would seem, with more and more development hitting the pavement as shopfronts are closing their doors to make way for new restaurants and cafes.

Along with the refurbishment of Sanfords, Astoria’s 24/7 landmark restaurant, two others are on their way:



First, if the name doesn’t give it away, the Nazca line pictures along the front certainly should. Nazca Restaurant’s coming to town. And I’m guessing, Peruvian cuisines coming along with it.

From what we know, it’s reasonable that we can expect a lively place with an even livelier menu.

Peruvian cuisine is notorious for being one of the most diverse in the world.

It is a reflection from three different geographical zones; coast, Andean sea and forests, and is infused with influences from a variety of cultures.

The dishes are rich in spices and sweet flavors to please the palate, along with a spectrum of bright colors to delight the eye.

With the already awesome choice of cuisines Astoria has to offer, we’re sure this Peruvian gem will fit right in.


The second is the closure of Donato’s Italian Bistro. But what’s taking its place? From word along the grapevine, it’s something to do with large, round, dough made objects with multiple toppings and crunchy crusts. We’re still scratching our heads, but we’re sure it’ll be pretty damn good.


The Astorian palate of late has accepted nothing less than fine dining and innovative cooking, and Astoria has become quite the hot spot for cuisine.

So grab your knife and fork, and pull up a chair as Broadway becomes infused with aromas from across the globe….


Bon Appatite Astoria!