The cats are in full swing as Astoria Park gets sizzling!

Hey gals and dolls, grab a blanket a chair or just your jazz feet this Thursday evening, as Central Astoria LCD’s 2015 Waterfront Concert Series begins!



The series, which is set to bring an array of music styles to Astoria Park’s Great Lawn will begin with yes you guessed it, JAZZ, straight from the Harlem Renaissance period of the 30s and 40s that came bursting out of the Cotton Club and Savoy Ballroom.
This Thursday at 7:30pm, everyone is invited along to witness The Cab Calloway Orchestra – directed by Cabs grandson Calloway Brooks – as they take us on the journey into the sizzling hot jazz culture through music and dance.

What better way to spend the summer, than among friends or family, swinging and singing along with the Calloways and their energetic and rhythmically enthused sensation…..



So sit back, relax, and dig that cool funky sound that is, jazz baby!
HI – DE – HI – DE – HI – DE – HO!



Place: On the Great Lawn of Astoria Park; on Shore Boulevard between the Hell Gate Bridge and the Pool.
Time: 9th July, 7:30pm.
Charge: The admission is FREE, no music charge.

Waterfront Concert Series 2015