Astoria Park Amphitheater Coming Soon!

Looks like Astoria Park is getting a face lift – in the form of an amphitheater!


The amphitheater will be built in the place of the now defunct diving pool. The diving pool, originally built in 1936 and used for Olympic trials, has been sitting vacant for quite some time now.


The pool is large enough to create an aptly sized amphitheater – once ready, it’s going to supply 500 people with seating space, and allow performers a 37,000 square foot space.


The abandoned diving pool


The project is roughly expected to cost $4.3 million, and has been funded by City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. Construction is set to begin in 2016 – and we’re definitely excited.


Astoria has always been a hub for artists, and having an outdoor performance space will bring another level of art to the neighborhood – as well as give the community a great place to congregate and enjoy!