Most Precious Blood School Closing

A long time neighborhood school will be closing its doors this June, much to the dismay of many residents.


Students of the school

Students of the school


In a letter dated January 9th, the school’s Pastor, Reverend William Krlis, spoke to the parents and guardians of the currently attending students:


Dear Parents and Guardians,

I write to inform you that in June 2015, Most Precious Blood School will close. This is a particularly painful decision that affects all of us.

Most Precious Blood School has been the heart of the parish for 58 years. The simple facts are, that the building is in need of costly structural repair, and enrollment has dropped precipitously over the past five years. From Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, enrollment is 191 students, which has dropped 20 students since last year alone.

Over the past couple of years, I have shared information with the parish that is related to the structural repairs that are not only needed in Most Precious Blood School, but also in Most Precious Blood Church. Currently, repairs are estimated at $5.5 million, inclusive of both the school and church buildings. We do not have the necessary funds to complete this work.

In the school building, this includes an estimated $2.55 million in necessary repairs. This work cannot be done while the school building is occupied on a full-time basis. While financially we have not run deficits, these essential building repairs, combined with declining enrollment, will not allow us to continue.

In the church building, there is an estimated $3 million in necessary repairs. As you may have seen within the last six months, the south wall of the church building began to separate and was shored up until further repairs could be made.

This decision was not made easily. After much dialogue with all relevant parties, including officials from the Diocese of Brooklyn and local Catholic schools, as well as consulting with engineering firms regarding the state of these necessary repairs, I presented these facts to the Most Reverend Nicholas DiMarzio, Bishop of Brooklyn. With his support, I made this painful decision in the best interest of the parish community.

This impacts everyone, but most especially the students and their families. A parent meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, January 14th at 7:00 PM in the school auditorium to review the facts that lead to this decision. We will do whatever we can to assist families in placing their children in continuing their education in neighboring Catholic schools. Special meetings and Open Houses will be scheduled and shared with you.

During this difficult time, let us pray for strength and guidance in meeting the needs of everyone affected, particularly our children, their families, and our school faculty and staff.

Sincerely in Christ,

Rev. William Krlis

Pastor, Most Precious Blood