New York’s Sexiest Bartender… in Astoria?

So the New York Post just wrote about the 10 sexiest bartenders in New York City, and it looks like one of them is from right here in Astoria.

Photo: Anne Wermiel/NY Post

Her names Monica Alvarez, and here are some fun tidbits from the story:

Monica Alvarez, 29, Astoria, Queens
Position: Bartender at Lavo (39 E. 58th St.)
Relationship status: Boyfriend of 1½ years
Best pickup line at work: “ ‘Hey, do you do squats?’ It was Tyson Beckford.”
Number of date requests a night: “Ten. They’ll always be like, ‘I know you get this a lot . . .’ ”
Biggest tip: “This guy told me he would pay my rent . . . He’s like, ‘How much is your rent? I was like, ‘$1,500,’ and he said, ‘I’ll pay your rent right now.’ And then he gave me $1,500 in cash. And then he left.”
Fun fact: “I have a motorcycle license.”
Craziest Lavo moment: “Witnessing sexual acts at the bar. They try to be sneaky about it.”

So this got us thinking….should be find out who the sexiest bartender in Astoria is? Any nominees?