Cronin and Phelan’s: Beer, Food…and Magic?

Cronin and Phelan’s is one of our favorite low-key bars in Astoria – a homey, comfortable spot where we’re always guaranteed an awesome time, great drinks, and a huge meal at.

Cronin and Phelan’s is a testament to the diversity of Astoria – it’s a piece of Ireland that seems like it’s just been picked up and transplanted into the neighborhood. Now – I’ve never been to Ireland, but if all the bars and pubs are as welcoming as this one, I think I’d like it there quite a lot.

The first thing that we’ll talk about is their food – mostly because we love talking about food. They’ve got all the traditional Irish offerings here – and if you’ve never hard Irish food, it focuses heavily on big, filling portions, simple ingredients, and very straight forward meals.

One of their best offerings if the Shepherd’s Pie, which is topped with perfectly fluffy mashed potatoes, and always comes out to the table steaming hot.



Another one of our favorites is their french toast – off the brunch menu. It’s the perfect mixture of crunchy and soft, and when doused in syrup is the perfect start to many weekends – and an awesome cure to quite a few hangovers.

If you’re looking for classic Irish fare – go with the Bangers and Mash. This is what we meant by simple, straight forward food. There’s no fancy ingredients or secret sauces – just filling food that seriously hits the spot. Paired with one of their cold beers, it’s seriously a great meal.



Now – one of the best parts of Cronin and Phelan’s is Dave. If you’ve never met Dave, you need to make plans to go to Cronin and Phelan’s tonight, and introduce yourself. He’s one of the funniest, most out-going bartenders in Astoria – and probably even in New York. Did we mention he’s a magician? Because he is. Seriously. Watching his tricks as he hands over your drink is one of the highlights of going to Cronin and Phelan’s.

Cronin and Phelan’s is one of our favorite pubs, and for good reason. We’ve never had a bad experience – with our food, drinks, or servers. Everyone is always warm and welcoming – and it’s the reason we keep going back.