“Traversals,” A Literary Journey in Poetry and Prose

Audrey Dimola is the personification of creativity, talent and light – her words an amalgamation of experiences and feelings.


After the success of her first book, “Decisions We Make While We Dream,” Audrey has just published “Traversals,” a literary road map of her journey through life, art and interactions.


Of “Traversals,” Audrey has said,


“A series of events in my life that began in that Fall of 2011 spurred it on. It was unavoidable. I lost my beautiful firecracker of a Nana and then my longest relationship, left my solid job, and then met the explosive muse who struck the arc of “TRAVERSALS.” And it went on after that – dazzling highs and startling lows, wildness and bewilderment, adventures with beautiful souls I will never forget. That’s what “TRAVERSALS” chronicles, what gets left behind and how we honor what we have experienced – the people we’ve loved, lost, suffered with, and let go; the brave hearts in the trenches beside us; the ones that breathe new life into us; the ghosts we are haunted by and the ghosts we become in the lives of others.. At the end of the day “TRAVERSALS” is really about the resiliency of the human heart – trusting the process, trusting the journey when it comes to life and art.”


The book is no doubt a reflection of the energy and light Audrey emits, and reads fluidly and vulnerably, focusing on feeling and genuine human experience.




Though the book began with the loss of her own personal firecracker, it is an embodiment of fireworks depicted on paper – words exploding and erupting with each turn of the page. “Traversals,” is both empowering and moving, as shown in following excerpt:


if you can’t move, let the breath move..

if you can’t be the ship, be the oar.

if you can’t be the oar, be the compass.

if you can’t be the compass, be the slightest stirring

in the voyager’s heart that told him –

i will not waste this day like all the others.

if you can’t be the voyager, be the faintest flickering

of the arrow magnetized towards whatever is greater –

whatever you can see in that last moment,

with your eyes widened and the water in your lungs –

that suddenly makes you forget how to drown.


the smallest movement matters.

one shift toward home is precious,

even if you’re dragging yourself there –

hand over hand, finger over finger,

chipped and bloody – stunned senseless

from the sheer force of your forgetting.

don’t you remember? – reading, writing:

“there is a light that never goes out.”

there is a piece of you that cannot forget

the first bloom of god on man’s tongue

acknowledging himself, too, as infinite.

be courageous in your darkness.

the beginning of becoming took shape

with one pure cry to heaven,



open your mouth and you

will find the words.


The 174 page book is now available, and it’s a great read to pick up. It’s currently available via PayPal, and will soon be available at additional retailers.


If you want to meet the author herself, you can attend the book launch on Thursday, November 13th 7:30-9:30pm at new Queens arts venue Q.E.D.: A Place to Show & Tell (27-16 23rd Ave in Astoria – off the N/Q Astoria-Ditmars Blvd stop). There will be poetic, musical & dance performances by Tyler Rivenbark, Marc Montfleury, Kymberly Nolden, Jacob Horstmeier & Valerie G. Keane.


You can keep up with Audrey’s work by checking out her portfolio.