Shutdown Perfections Strip Club!

At tonight’s Community Board Meeting 1’s monthly meeting, Detective Eddie Negron brought forth an extremely important issue.

As a representative of the 114th precinct, Detective Negron has called for Perfections Strip Club, located at 62-05 30th avenue, to have their liquor license revoked – citing violence and poor quality of life issues.


Detective Eddie Negron addressing Community Board 1

In the last two years alone there have been twenty five crimes and sixteen arrests. Four incidents were reported involving a guns, nine involving violence and physical injury, four involving establishment employees – whether bouncers or dancers – and one homicide.

Now, here are some details on that homicide. A fight started on the premises, moved outside, and a victim was then shot and killed by a perpetrator.

Not bad enough? Here’s what one single night looks like at Perfections. On the night of February 23rd, the 114th precinct received a call at 2:50 am – a patron had attempted to enter the strip club with a loaded 25 caliber gun. Then, at 3:00 am, a perpetrator with an active warrant attempted to strike an individual with closed fists. Finally, to end the night, a victim was shot in the torso while attempting to enter a taxi. Typical safe Astoria night, right?

The strip club regularly holds promoted events – you’ve probably seen the flyers. Performers are these events draw large crowds – and they tend to be performers with known criminal histories.

To attempt and keep these events under control, the 114th has to assemble large, last minute groups of officers to address the primal quality of life – exhausting the precinct of officers and resources that the neighborhood needs.

We’re hoping that by this time you’re as infuriated as we are. We will be starting a petition to the New York State Liquor Authority to revoke Perfections Strip Club’s liquor license.

In the meantime, here is what you can do. Voice your concerns. Spread the word. The next Community Board 1 meeting will be on November 18th – you can attend and voice your support.

Here are just a few examples of the crimes that have occurred at Perfections:

photo 1

photo 2

Update 11/21/14: After the recent Community Board meeting, Community Board 1 has UNANIMOUSLY decided to  recommend denial of Perfections Strip Club’s liquor license to the State Liquor Authority. The decision now rests with the State Liquor Authority – but we believe Community Board 1 has made the right decision.