Rapture Lounge Closed

After more than a decade on a quiet corner in Astoria, Rapture Lounge has closed its doors.

Owner Gladys recently posted this on the Rapture Lounge Facebook,

“Dear Friends of Rapture, it is with great sadness that I inform you of our closing. We tried to work things out with the landlord but it has been impossible. The money they require is beyond our reach. We will be selling everything and if you would like to purchase anything please message me. As soon as I know when I can be in the premises you can stop by and say goodbye.”

We reached out to Gladys for comment, and she says she is deeply saddened by closing of Rapture Lounge after 11 years. “I loved it. I loved finding new artists. I loved giving them a stage to perform on. I work a 40 hour week, but I was at Rapture almost every night.”

Rapture was home to open mics nights, musician features, an amazing vibe, and lots of great night. There are currently no future plans to re-open Rapture Lounge. It will be deeply missed.