Favorite Places in Astoria!

We were inspired by a recent Reddit post asking residents their three favorite spots in Astoria – and we want to hear some more answers!

Here are some comments from local residents:

The top comment said:

Pita Hot ( by 30th and crescent) best shwarma in existence IMO.

Sal Kris and Charlie’s ( Ditmars station area) solid deli.

Queens Comfort


And a close second came in with:

Astoria Park

60 Beans

NYC Bagel & Coffee House

Another broke it up into food and drink:

Food: 1. BZ Grill 2. Butcher Bar or Queens Comfort 3. Il bambino

Drinking: 1. Bohemian Beer Garden 2. Sweet Afton 3. Ravenshead

So, Astoria – we want to continue the conversation! What are YOUR three favorite places in Astoria?

Drop a comment below – let’s see who loves what – and if we can find some hidden gems!