Arepa’s Cafe Turns 7!

Happy 7th birthday to one of our favorite food spots – Arepas Cafe!

If you’ve never been to Arepas, this is a great time to check them out. Like the name implies, they make fantastic arepas. For real – if you’ve never had an authentic arepa before, you have got to check them out.

Arepas Cafe is decently priced, and you can get really full without paying a huge amount.

Here’s some of our favorites – courtesy of Yelp:

Arepa Pabellon (Shredded beef, black bean, fried sweet plantains, white cheese)

Cazon – Baby Shark arepa

Mini sampler platter

Carne Mechada – Venezuelan Style Shredded Beef

Passionfruit Juice


Arepas Cafe
33-07 36th Ave
AstoriaNY 11106