Astorians Doing Their Part!

Astoria, you never cease to make us proud. After yesterday’s story about all the trash in Astoria, we received this awesome message on Facebook, from reader Nick R.

Thank you for discussing the trash issues in Astoria! I’d be remiss if I didn’t add that our #KeepAstoriaClean campaign has had 1 particularly amazing result. Residents on 27th Street have taken it upon themselves to form a block association dedicated to keeping their streets clean. If this idea would spread throughout Astoria, think about how beautiful the neighborhood would be. Always great to see such a wonderful success story. They’re on FB here:

27th Street

So, we checked them out, and they are doing GREAT things. The group consists of residents that all live on 27th street, and they regularly get together to find ways to make their block in Astoria more beautiful. They regularly get together to brainstorm ideas, such as how to make concrete areas more appealing and visually pleasing. They’ve got a tour of Steinway Piano Factor on October 25th, where they’ll  see what they have done to improve the area regarding the Bioswale System that they have implemented. The 53,500-square-foot concrete lot will be retrofitted with storm water capturing systems, helps absorb up to 404,000 gallons of water annually. NY Restoration Project hopes that the project will help convince other property owners to swap out their paved lots with greener, more sustainable spaces.

They’ve also set up guard fences around local trees, and when they upgraded, instead of tossing they old fences, they donated them to 29th street – sharing their resources with neighbors.

Putting up tree fences

We can honestly say we are SO proud of the residents of 27th street, and their pride in their block. If all of Astoria could take the idea of simply making their own block beautiful, the entire neighborhood would look amazing. To the residents of 27th street: You guys are doing great work. We’re honored to be your neighbors, and honored to have such great people in this wonderful place we call home.