Saying good-bye to Crescent Lounge

In the ebb and flow that is Astoria businesses, it’s easy to blink and see a new restaurant, cafe or coffee shop open, and just as often, unfortunately, the closing of another. Tonight we’re saying good-bye to a local favorite, Crescent Lounge.

Owned by local residents, Crescent Lounge was a place to relax. It was homey and comfortable – a nice place to go for a quiet night. Their comfy chairs and board games made for long nights filled with friends and martinis.

Astorians are definitely feeling the incoming loss – Crescent’s Yelp page is seeing an outpouring of heartfelt messages. One reads:

“It is rare in one’s life that one can discover a place with which one can so completely become one. Can I say one once more?
I’ll miss this joint. The Noo Yawk corner of our dreams. Those of us who know, know. It would be folly to say much more.
Thanks, John, Amy, Jeune, and everyone. It was really nice to see you, always. I’ll always love you and miss you. Thanks for everything.”

While another says,

“I’m a little devastated to hear of its closing. Although we were never regulars, and moved to the west coast over a year ago, my partner and l and I had our first joint music gig and first date (different events) at CL and are now two weeks away from getting married. We’ll always hold Crescent Lounge in a special place in our hearts, and want to express our gratitude to those who made it such a warm and welcoming place. Astoria won’t be the same without you guys. Much love and best wishes.”

Tonight is your last chance ever to visit Crescent Lounge, and soak in the friendly vibes one last time. It will be missed.

Crescent Lounge
32-05 Crescent St
AstoriaNY 11106