You can never have enough craft beer…right?

There’s a new craft beer bar set to open sometime this August, and we are more than excited. The bar, called Judy and Punch, has already garnered some social media attention, and Astorians are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new spot.

The bar is being opened by Gerard Leary, owner of the Lower East Side’s One Mile House bar, Barry Spellman, who owns bars DTUTand Biddy’s Pub, and Mike Higgins, co-owner of Professor Thom’s in the East Village. So basically, a trio of bar owners who clearly know their stuff. When we spoke to Gerard, he told us his main goal with the bar is to have, “a really good product, with really great beer and food.” 

The bar will be offering various craft beers, both on draft and bottled – including IPA’s, lagers, and wheat beers, as well as awesome cocktails, and small plates of food. There will be a backyard, and Gerard tells us they’re planning to have some fun events back there.

Through Facebook, the bar has been updating us with construction news, and some very interesting pictures…

But at least they’re having fun – and fun is always top priority when it comes to bars, right? (Also, drinking. That’s a pretty high priority. Mhhh, alcohol).

Judy and Punch
34-08 30th Ave
Astoria, NY
(646) 573-6263
You can follow Judy and Punch on Facebook and Twitter