Sporting Astoria: Astoria’s Home Soccer Team!


In 2002, a group of locals Astorians, brought together by their love of soccer, started the Sporting Astoria Soccer Club. Give Me Astoria recently spoke to Manager Ed Romero, who gave us details on the club.

“The club is for anyone who has a passion for the game. That’s what we’re all about,” Ed said. There’s already a lot of soccer clubs in Astoria, but those clubs are highly competitive, and even more exclusive. Sporting Astoria, though, aims to be the team for those that didn’t make the cut, or players who want to play recreationally. It’s a place for players to hone their skill, but also to have a great time, to meet new people, and to enjoy the game of soccer.

Ed says that unlike other clubs in the area, Sporting Astoria didn’t want to have a country affiliation; “It’s right in the name. We’re all from Astoria, and wherever else you’re from doesn’t matter on our team. You just have to be from Astoria and love the game.”

The team, which started with just 5 members, has grown to a roster of 30 players. The team has advanced from the third division of the New York City league, to the second, and is now battling to be division champs. On June 1st, Sporting Astoria will play in the championship game at Randall’s Island – a game that’s open to anyone that wants to watch! Being division champs is a huge deal, “The New York City division is extremely competitive,” Ed told us, “We’re really looking forward to the game.”

Now, if the team sounds interesting to you, if you love soccer, or even if you want to start learning soccer for the first time, Sporting Astoria is always looking for new players. The more interest, the better – the team is looking to expand and start a girls team, or a co-ed team. You can check out their website for more information!