The Core Four Essential Delis & Bodegas you Cannot Miss

Delis. Bodegas. Corner stores. They’ve got many names and even more definitions, but we know exactly what they are: an essential cog of daily life in New York City. Everybody’s got one, but do they have the right one? Let’s check out four of the most revered locations in Astoria.


Coffee Pot


coffeepot via Instagram

Don’t let the name trick you – this place is far from just a coffee shop. Groceries, sandwiches and pastries all adorn the shelves, as they do in most delis and bodegas. What’s different at the Coffee Pot is – you guessed it – the coffee. Hailed by many as the best coffee in town, the droves of customers headed to this place suggest that the Coffee Pot may as well be serving liquid gold. Whether it’s the Greek coffee, cappuccinos or lattes, the buzz around the neighborhood assures us that there’s no wrong answer.

2819 23rd Ave. | 718.726.1274 | @coffeepot30


St. James Deli

st James deli Instagram

They may fool you with the humble awning that adorns most small convenience stores in the area, but St. James Deli harbors a secret service inside that most wouldn’t suspect at first glance. You’ll surely be surprised to find that tucked away inside is a small Mexican kitchen complete with its own menu of traditional dishes for superb prices. Empanadas, tacos, burritos and more are all offered at this hidden gem, but the consensus best bet seems to be the chicken quesadillas. So, head over soon and join the club of those who know. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you see a few scattered patrons eagerly scarfing down their orders on the oft-barren corner of 34th Street and 34th Avenue.

34-02 34th Ave. | 718.482.7835 | @stjamesdeli



Instagram Rosario’s

Rosario’s is one of the most authentic Italian spots in Astoria. Conveniently located right under the Ditmars Boulevard subway station, this deli offers nearly anything you need for that perfect Italian dinner. Fresh Italian cold cuts like prosciutto and capocollo, homemade mozzarella cheese and dozens of imported products await customers looking to indulge in the cuisine of Italia. Grab anything from imported sweets, to pastas, to coffee, to a packed sandwich of your choosing. Oh, and they make their own pizza that stacks up against the best in the neighborhood. Yeah, get over there now.

22-55 31st St. / 718.728.2920 / @rosariosastoria


Wide Lake 4

Wide Lake 4 via Yelp

Nothing too fancy here; just a good old-fashioned bodega that enlightened Astorians flock to for their everyday needs. Friendly service and a nice selection of quick meals for breakfast or otherwise highlight this neighborhood favorite, which always seems to have a small crowd surrounding its corner pavilion. Don’t let their modest prices fool you, though. They’re no slouches when it comes to grub – especially their cheesesteak sandwiches. But the thing that puts them over the top? A robust and diverse beer selection that’s sure to attract casuals and enthusiasts alike.

33-02 31st Ave. | 718.626.3427