Fall health status check-in for you and us! – Walk In Gyn

Walk In Gyn Care

2020 has not been easy on you and everyone you know! However, despite all the challenges, the team at Walk IN GYN Care kept going and doing what they do best… providing compassionate and stellar health care to all of you superwomen out there. They stayed open extended hours, 7 days a week so that you could seek care when you needed it.

Walk In Gyn are still open and ready for you. Through the last many months, our team has been working hard to keep the community safe by implementing:

  • Strict Covid-19 Protocols.
  • Temperature check for all staff and patients.
  • Personal Protective Equipment worn by staff at all times.
  • High level disinfection procedures.
  • Installing protective guards and social distancing guidelines.
  • Providing “Telehealth” appointments.
  • Renovating our offices and processes for a safer experience.

“The Well Woman Package”

Covid-19 has taken an economic toll on the world. Walk In knows that many of you have lost your jobs and possibly your health insurance. Ask us for their well-woman package.

 At Walk In GYN Care have uniquely designed this wellness package specially for those who don’t have insurance or with high deductible or fear of high medical bills. The Well Woman Package is a comprehensive package with no hidden fees completed in a quick in-office visit. This amazing service helps to ensure that all women have equal access to the quality health care they need.