Antika: “We Are Grateful To This Community”

Image via Antika (@antikaastoria) Instagram.

With so much fear and uncertainty, there has been a need now more than ever to provide to our neighbors. Antika’s owner Jerry Sbarro along with one chef, and one pizza chef, have been committed to doing everything they can to stay open and support everyone in the community, especially our front line workers.

Like so many others, there have been many struggles and a lot of fear due to the COVID19 situation. Many workers are concerned with coming to work, and are afraid of how they will get to work using public transportation. Sbarro himself comes from a tremendous Italian family and describes the concern he receives from them in regards to working at the restaurant all day, seven days a week. He understands completely the need for people to put their safety first and wanting to keep their family members safe. There has definitely been a mutual support between Sbarro and the employees he has left. The team working with him today has been loyal and with him from day one. They are one of the many things he is grateful for during this time.

Image via Antika (@antikaastoria) Instagram.

Despite the obstacles he and many other business owners face economically, Sbarro does what he can to overcome them. He says he received the best training from this working with his father, who taught him to brush yourself off, stand up straight, and figure out how to move forward no matter what is thrown at you. One of the ways he has adapted has been to offer lower prices and promotions that are cost and price effective. Some promotions include family dinner packages. One package that feeds 4-6 people includes Penne alla vodka, Chicken Parmesan, and a salad for $29.95. The “Feed the Family” package allows for a choice of pasta, entree, salad, and includes a bottle of wine for $59.95.

These promotions have been very well received, in addition to many donations to hospitals, a 20% discount for all front line workers that order from the restaurant, and taking care of the other “army” at the police station. Sbarro is so grateful to all our neighbors and truly feels that there has been such a general tone of support and appreciation from the members of this community. “Im so happy” he says — “the support we get from our neighbors and our ability to give back as well, it helps everyone move forward and build confidence. Positive energy feeds positive energy, and although it’s hard, it is what we need during these times.”

Sbarro is hopeful things will begin opening up again, safely of course, and that this will help people start feeling comfortable and safe enough to get back out there. No matter how long it takes though, Antika is going to continue to provide service and support to our neighborhood. “We’re not going anywhere. They’ll have to kick us out kicking and screaming.”