Lokanta: Astoria’s turn for some traditional Turkish food!

Astoria has definitely been lacking in options for some good Turkish food. The wait has been long, but lucky for us I think this one is worth it. Introducing Lokanta!

Owner Orhan Yegen is a Manhattan restaurateur who’s most notable spot, Sip Sak, has been featured in the New York Times, Time Out, Serious Eats and by various other food critics. The space is small with a busy “urban garden bistro” type of vibe but let’s be real, we are really coming for the food anyway. Some call it the “best of the best” as far as Turkish food is concerned. Yegen’s restaurants are acclaimed for not only serving delicious food, but for being the most authentic to what classic Turkish cuisine is and should be. Unconcerned with trends, Yegen is bringing us quality homestyle cooking and now it’s more accessible than ever.

Let’s just say my expectations are running high, but any doubts of disappointment are few. Thanks for choosing Astoria Orhan!

Lokanta is located at 31-16 Broadway.