Road Rage Fight Leaves One Man Stabbed By Audi Driver

Police are on the look out for a motorist who ended up stabbing another driver in a fit of road rage, before slashing his tires in Astoria.

The incident occurred while the two men were driving south on Crescent Street just after 8PM on Tuesday night. The men both pulled their vehicles over near 30th Drive on Crescent Street. The suspect, who was driving a black Audi, then began to threaten to kill the victim. He then grabbed his cellphone and began slashing at the victims tires. The man then used an object still unknown to strike the other driver. He ended up stabbing him in the left shoulder after which he fled the scene in his car south.

The victim was rushed to Elmhurst Hospital and is said to be in stable condition, according to police.

*Featured Image: Painless Lookbook/Pinterest