Bonjour Crepes & Wine, Coming Soon!

Astorians just can’t seem to get enough of crepes. We’ve got quite a few crepe shops already, with many palate friendly options to indulge our senses.

But it would appear we now have a place where we can indulge in both our savory and sweet senses, while washing them both down with a choice of a nice red or refreshing white wine.

Image: Bonjour Crepes & Wine/Yelp

Image: Bonjour Crepes & Wine/Yelp

That’s where Bonjour Crepes & Wine will hopefully soon answer the call, taking over the old Cyprus Deli on 34 10, 30th Avenue.

Not just another crepe shop, Bonjour already has two locations in NYC, one on Lexington and one on Second Avenue. Now this Astoria location is set to open January 2017, according to their website. 

The beauty is often in the work that goes into the making of, hence why each crepe that Bonjour

Image: Chris H/Yelp

Image: Chris H/Yelp

makes is made to order. The appeal is to watch as the chef spreads the batter evenly across the griddle using a wooden paddle. Then the toppings! Without which let’s face it, there isn’t a crepe. On offer will be everything from a steaming breakfast crepe with organic dark roast coffee. Or perhaps you’d like a smoked Atlantic salmon with Mascarpone and capers for lunch?

We’ll keep you posted with our live review once Bonjour Crepes & Wine are open!

For the kids, there’s delicious after school treats with sugar and butter or peanut butter and jam.

And for those late night romantic dinners, it seems you and your loved one will have quite the choice. Each glass of wine is carefully selected to match the crepe that will have you and your guest hopefully swooning for more. According to Bonjour, the passion and expertise that goes behind each crepe comes from a rich quality of ingredients and years of experience in the culinary arts.

Where: 34-10 30th Avenue, Astoria, Queens, NY 11103

When: January 2017