Petition Started To Restore the Historic Astoria Diving Pool

Summer and the pool, it has been an Astoria classic and favorite since Astoria Park’s main pool and its diving pool opened in 1936, that is 80 years and 80 summers of wonderful memories with family and friends.

Unfortunately, the Parks Department closed the diving pool over 20 years ago due to safety reasons and plans on replacing the diving pool with a performance space.

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However, what started as something most Astorians got behind, has now changed for some.

Longtime Astorian, Kathleen Springer, is doing her best to stop these unfortunate series of events. She has started a petition to bring back the diving pool to its glory days, instead of knocking it out for a performance area.

The current estimate for the project is set at $5 million and the Parks Department is currently looking to secure a contractor by this Fall.

We are all aware of the high-rises that seem to spring up overnight and the Mom and Pops stores and restaurants that are closing their doors after a lifetime of serving the community. Change and survival of the fittest are inevitable, but can we put a price on nostalgia? For some, the answer is no.

The diving pool has been a retreat for Astorians and the surrounding neighborhoods for as long as many can remember. It is iconic and a delight every summer for the young and young at heart, according to many who have voiced their opinions against the project.

There is, however, a majority of Asotrians who welcome the change which will give so many the ability to showcase their talents, and bring in crowds to the ever popular Astoria Park.

What are your thoughts on reopening the diving pool?

To sign the petition click here.

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