Let’s Go To Cuba, Shall We?

The borders are open and we could not be any more excited to have a taste of Cuba! Fortunately for us, we do not need passports or visas, as this explosion of flavor that is Sabor De Cuba is in our already culinary diverse neighborhood. As you walk in you are immediately greeted by their enthusiastic staff and all they want to do is ensure you have an exceptional dining experience.


If you were to list three things you know about Cuba, we are pretty sure that Cuban Cigars will be on that list. At Sabor De Cuba, once you are seated, a Cuban Cigar box is placed in front of each guest, open up and you won’t find cigars (a bit disappointing) but their menu, which is not disappointing. As for the wine menu, have a glance at the wine bottle on your table, it’s printed on the label. Super cool, right?

Our suggestion is to order a few tapas and a main course or two to share, this way you’ll get a range of the entire menu. You can’t go to Cuba without having a Cuban sammy and theirs are the real deal.


The decor has a cozy refined rustic feel that is very warm and welcoming. If this is what Cuba feels and tastes like, our tickets are booked!



Where: 3703 31st Ave, Astoria, NY 11103

Phone: (718) 777-1693